An extremely dear friend of mine got some very bad news at the end of last week.

The type of news that no-one ever wants to hear. Bad news which, in the flick if a doctor’s pen, has the potential to rewrite a person’s entire future.

I spent a few hours with this friend over the weekend and on returning home, despite the graveness of the situation, was surprised that what I felt in my heart was not sadness or worry, but a profound sense of both love and hope.

After the initial shock of the news, we talked through the details in the loosest of ways, mainly because there are still so many questions to answer. Amidst the laboured smiles and lost appetites, ‘the darkness’ would have found an easy place to settle, but it didn’t. And I don’t think it will.

In a reflective moment, I saw my friend hold his wife’s hand and what I saw was love. In the briefest and subtlest of touches, I saw love so strong that it will last until the day after forever.

The game of life truly is a funny old game. We all have to play it and no matter how smart we think we are, we never really understand the rules. Life is not about how much time you’ve got, but about what you do with the limited time you’re given.

I’ve decided to let love into my heart and spend everyday like it’s my last one. Clearly, one day it will be. Until then, I’m going to try hard not to waste a single moment on stuff that really, really doesn’t matter.

How do you know what love looks like? You know it’s love when ‘forever’ simply isn’t long enough…


One thought on “Love

  1. Yes, I’m trying to live each life fully, too – because it takes real effort to put aside busy-ness and simply revel in moments! Thank you for helping me recommit to that goal.

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