Hello Darkness, my old friend…

Over the past few days, I have crossed over into darkness. The call of the dark side was too much, so I relented and fell into the abyss.

Sounds ominous?

Well, no. The dark side to which I refer, is not related to the black dog in any way. What I mean, is that I have bought another bike. A new one.

What’s dark about that? (I hear you ask). Well, my new cycle is an electrically assisted bike. This might puzzle my MH friends, but the cyclists among you will understand the significance of this. E-bikes, to some purists, are the work of the devil. Part of me agrees with that, but living in a city built on seven hills, I have become a little stuck for options.

The hills of Sheffield are quite literally, killing me.

OK, that’s probably a tad melodramatic, but it’s also true. The hills that I love, are slowly boxing me into a corner and I’ve been struggling to find a way out.

So, I bought a pedelec. Not just any electric pedaller though. There are many to choose from, in a massive selection of designs and shapes, but I really needed to have a real cycle (with all the associated specification of a nice road bike), but with a little extra help.

Stripped of their electrical gubbings, Some e-bike offerings would be very poor indeed. However, with their motors attached, I have to concede that they are able to offer a fairly respectable degree of value for money for those looking for a way to get out and enjoy the beautiful British countryside. That can never be a bad thing.

For someone like me, who, on a good day, still has ‘a good pedal in him’, I needed a different type of machine.

My new bike has pedal assist. If you don’t pedal, it doesn’t help you. Conversely, if you pedal hard, it matches your effort. It can also be turned off. That suits me fine, because I really, really enjoy the pump and grind of propelling myself along under my own steam. It makes me feel good, and as regular readers of my blog will know, it helps me in another, really important way.

My biggest problem is, that sometimes, I pedal away more energy than I have to spare and this has become problematic to the point that it has clipped my cycling wings.

The e- bike solution, will enable me to cycle as much as I need to ‘help’ me without finding myself miles from home, deplete of energy.

I’ll cycle the thing unassisted as much as I can, graciously accepting a small nudge up the steepest of hills, whilst I regenerate my ability to cycle myself happy.

It may be the dark side to some (myself included), but I have cycled over 50 miles since last weekend. Without the dark side, I would probably have stayed indoors. Then, the other dark side would come calling…

Hello darkness, my new friend!


2 thoughts on “Hello Darkness, my old friend…

  1. I’m so happy for you! Your “dark side” sounds productive and very constructive. I’ve only seen real mosquito-whiners of elecbikes, ones which putter along while the rider sits inactive, and didn’t even know that the sort you describe exist.
    May it give you miles and miles of fun.

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