Message from the ether…


Today I got a message from the ether.

Not an email, a letter, or a personal note from a friend.

It wasn’t a text message, a fax, or a ghostly image of a burning bush.

It wasn’t even a random, errant thought (of which I have many).

Sometimes, a message arrives which is so clear, that it’s impossible to ignore and I received such a message today.

The cycle path to recovery saw fit to send me a note in plain language, typed in uppercase and bold.

Today… my cycling top was tighter!

Drastic measures are called for.

I’m pulling on my bikester leggings as we speak and I’m going to cycle until I’m a big booty hoe (whatever that means).

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2 thoughts on “Message from the ether…

  1. Hiya! Just checking in – I don’t think I’ve heard from you for a little while. Is everything OK? (of course, it doesn’t have to be!)
    Be well, and I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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