Press play!


I’ve learned a lot of things this year.

For starters, I know who my real friends are, simply because they are still my friends regardless of anything that I said or did.

Furthermore, I know the real meaning of family. They were the ones who stood by me when I’d given up on myself. In that respect, I am blessed with a small collection of brilliant-cut diamonds. They know who they are and one day I’ll find a way to return their help, love and never-ending support.

But most of all, I learned two things about life. Obviously, I learned more than two things, but these stood out to me.

(1)  You can’t rewind the past.
(2)  You can’t stop the future.

I’m going devote the next 12 months to learning how to press the ‘play’ button. I suspect I’ll be spending much of that time on 2 wheels, courtesy of the cycle path to happiness.

Heartfelt wishes of hope and happiness to everyone who took the time to visit my blog and read my ramblings. May your future also have a ‘play’ button.

Happy new year!


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