Yesterday, I got back on my bike after a short ‘time out’.

I fought past the cloudiness in my mind and pointed my bike towards the horizon.

The first thing that I noticed was that my new Revolution Triad bicycle rides quite differently to my old GT. It seems to require less effort to move forward, and it changes gear almost imperceptibly. Really. It makes no noise whatsoever. Super-quick and super-silent – I like it. A lot.

The second thing that I noticed is that the brakes are immensely strong. I’ve not used hydraulic disc brakes before, and the Avid Juicys fitted to this bike have stopping power in spades. I’m no lightweight, but they never flinched when used, even at fairly high speeds on steepish hills. This, I really like.

The first few miles ridden on hard trails, flashed by, but soon I encountered mud. Not mildly brown water, but thick, gloopy, suck-you-off-your-bike mud.

I had no idea how hard it is to traverse mud fields. I do now. I’ll be honest, most of them defeated me and left me pushing. It’s not just the lack of traction, but the lack of steering too. On one particular downslope, I was pedalling frantically hard, aiming at 45 degrees, to merely get down the hill. A proper Laurel and Hardy moment (with me playing the bigger-boned of the two…).

I’ll be the first to admit that I chose my route badly. The trails that I’ve been riding all summer were rendered impassable by heavy weather, and I will need to find some new routes until they dry out.

However, I’m back on my bike and that’s good news. My usual post-ride jubilation was tempered somewhat by a life-sapping tiredness, a result of over-exertion and new medication. But, as I hauled my cycle back up the stairs to my apartment, I noticed that I was smiling.

I love my new bike. I just have to clean the thing now…


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