Ups and downs…

I haven’t been able post for a while.

The up and down of mental ill-health sometimes gets stuck on the down stroke and I resolved never to bother people with my thoughts when I don’t have anything positive to say.

To make it worse, I recently got myself a shiny new bicycle which I haven’t been able to ride.

Cycling is my no.1 coping strategy, and I’ve really missed it’s hugely beneficial effect on my mood. Normally, if I can manage get my leggings on, I can usually harass, cajole and nag myself to get my bicycle down the stairs and outside. Even this step-by-step method has failed me recently. Piss-poor performance (excuse my language).

That said, tomorrow, I intend to force my sorry-looking backside out of the door for a spin, regardless.

If I don’t, you have my permission to call me Ebeneezer…


4 thoughts on “Ups and downs…

  1. You will. You’ll lean into the pain, why? Because you’ve come this far and you are the engine for your bike. With you, you’re bike can’t roll. Think bike, think Pedal Power!! Glad your back bro’ x

  2. Hey

    I just wanted to say how inspiring I find your blog. I haven’t been out on my bike for 4 weeks, but reading your blog has reminded me how good it makes me feel. I’m going to force myself out tomorrow…

    My dad has had depression for 16 years. I will ask him if he wants to come for a ride with me too.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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