Back in the saddle…

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Wednesday 6 November

Weather: Grey
Mood: 7/10

Today, I got back on the saddle.

It’s only a week since I fell off and broke my bicycle, but my legs were already protesting like billy-o. It appears (in simple terms) that cycling legs, have to cycle, or else they start to become sitting-on-the-sofa legs (non-technical term) and they get all hissy when you call them into action. Any attempt to teach them who’s boss is strongly resisted. I have stubborn legs. That much is clear.

And, despite being wholly inanimate, a saddle also has dillusions of grandeur. Saddles only have one good position. Just one. If you don’t set it properly, it becomes, quite literally, a pain in the arse.

However, despite stubborn legs and an arsey saddle, I pointed my shiny new bike towards the hills (not hard in Sheffield – it’s all hills).

Riding on a mini-tsunami of lactic acid and chaffing, I pedalled towards the horizon. 10 miles on and I’m back home, ruddy faced and panting like St Bernard. The minor saddle-related griping was resolved with a quick flick of an Allen key and the stubborn legs gave up whining after a mile and did me proud.

The cycle path to recovery lives on. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. HOOOOOORAH!! And what a horrible day weather-wise. It’s not let up here at all. I’m just about to moan royally about it on my blog funnily enough. However, after nearly dying of hypothermia, I’ve had the hottest of baths and feel human again. Pleased you’re back on it!! The world is your lobster, or is that oyster??! Hmmm x

  2. Great to see you keeping it up! There will always be an excuse not to ride:- too hot, too cold, too wet, too sore, too far, too late, too tired………….too whatever! There’s only one excuse you’ll ever need “Are ya hidden or are ya riden?

    Keep Peddling
    Johnny the bike boy

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