Perfect 10!

Monday 4 November

Weather:   10/10
Mood:     10/10

The past 24 hours have been truly exceptional. It was as if I’d been sprinkled with fairy dust for a day.

If I had (for some unexplained reason) randomly thrown a hundred slices of toast out of the kitchen window, they would have all landed the marmalade side up, on a plate, next to a cup of tea. When was the last time you had one of those days?

Yesterday afternoon, I had Sunday lunch with my close family. We ate soul food, drank (tea) and laughed ourselves silly. Perfect.

I also went to my weekly group, which was really helpful. A well-balanced mix of seriousness, openness, impromptu mirth and good advice. This group helps me. Period.

I also got a new bike. A proper, two wheeled bobby-dazzler. The right size, colour, spec and condition. Yay! 

The icing on the cake however, was the news that fellow blogger from Australia, paid me the great compliment of nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award. I will cover this in much greater detail as soon as I get more WiFi access, but the past 24 hours has made me realise that true happiness doesn’t normally come in one big hit, but in smaller, bite-size pieces of good fortune, good friends and the occasional ‘random act of kindness’ thrown in for good measure. I have had a generous helping of all these things recently.

And the sun came out…

Thank you to everyone who helped me achieve a perfect 10/10, yourselves included.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect 10!

  1. YAAAAAAAAAY!! Those are the days to hold close and if the proverbial hits the fan, to know these days are possible. Thanks for sharing xx

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