I’m an ‘ist’…

Saturday 2 November

Weather: Overcast
Mood: Variable

Life without a cycle, is quite literally, driving me crazy.

I hadn’t actually realised just how much I had been using my bike to prop myself up. What I thought was a ‘little help’, was in fact, more of a major structural support.

The amount of times that I’ve subconsciously slipped on my leggings and gone to get my bike (since I broke it beyond repair), is quite frankly, embarrassing. I’m not kidding. I have clearly been reaching for my bike whenever I feel low, without even realising. That’s good thing. Finding an effective coping strategy is a very helpful thing indeed. The bad news is that I no longer have access to mine, and that’s a bit of a bugger. I’ve tried using my exercise cycle, but it simply doesn’t work anywhere near as well as being outdoors, on two wheels, in the fresh air. No comparison.

Drastic measures are called for. As it stands, I’m a cyclist without a cycle. I’m merely an ‘ist’. I used to be highly resourceful and able to fix anything. It’s amazing how easy that is to do with a little brass on your pocket. Maybe I’m not quite as resourceful as I thought. We’ll see…


7 thoughts on “I’m an ‘ist’…

  1. Sorry to read about your bike wreck. I too use my bicycle as a coping mechanism. For me it helps maintain my sobriety. Good luck, I hope you can get it replaced soon so you can keep pedaling..

  2. Thanks for liking my blog. Sorry your cycle has been irreparably damaged. I believe there is a Sustrans group in Sheffield. Try approaching them for a loan bike. I know the groups up here in the NE have such cycles and it would get you on the road again. Keep your chin up lad.

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