Rest in pieces…

Wednesday 30 October

Weather:    Perfect for cycling
Mood:         2/10


As I soared through the air, strangely unattached to my bicycle, I realised that I had been paid a visit by the cruel hand of fate, which had seen fit to flick me off my bike.

I use the word flick, because that best describes my freefall through the undergrowth/bushes/trees. A parabolic trajectory fuelled first by the energy from my substantial forward motion and then by gravity as the ever-present force of nature pulled me back to earth with an undignified crump.

At first, I lay completely still, not fully understanding what had just happened. Then, as my senses returned, I started the obligatory mental checklist. Breathing? Check. Can’t be dead then. Eyes? Blurred, but working. Pain? A little, but nothing to indicate serious injury.

As I slowly righted myself, I couldn’t immediately see my bicycle, so I raised myself back to full height. Still no sign.
I was unsure of which direction to look, so I circled round my landing spot until I came across a pile of crumpled wheels and cables that was once my bike, a good (but slightly worrying) 10 metres from where I landed. I must have truly ‘flown’. Once I had satisfied myself that I was mostly in one piece, I gathered the scattered parts and carried them home, luckily not a great distance.

At home, I gathered myself and took stock. The first thing that occurred to me was that the extra brass that I spent (many moons ago, when i had some) on a good cycle helmet had probably repaid itself in spades. Big thumbs-up to Urge Bikes Helmets ( The helmet is ruined, but it did its job. Proper job!

The second thing to hit me was that my trusty bike, especially the frame and wheels are well an truly buggered (‘scuse my language). This hit me hard. I’ve grown very attached to this bike recently and it has, at times, enabled my to escape from the shackles of mental ill-health.

Here lies my trusted GT Timberline, winged chariot and liberator of dreams.  Rest in pieces valued friend.

This may curtail my cycle-born adventures temporarily. The cycle path to recovery probably doesn’t work quite as well without a bike.

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7 thoughts on “Rest in pieces…

  1. sorry to hear about your bike =( so glad your’e OK though!! at least you fell down and then got back up! although it was psychically maybe see it symbolically as well..just a thought.
    hope you can cycle again soon!!

  2. I’m really sorry about your bike, though I’m glad to read you’re okay. Can it be fixed? Anyway I hope maybe there is a way to get your bike fixed, or otherwise, get another bike soon again.

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  4. Great that you’re ok & hope that you can get another bike soon. Interested in the reason that you took flight in the 1st place…

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