You only live once…

Monday 23 September

Weather: Overcast but warm
Mood: 7/10

I had a very good weekend. Very good indeed. Encouraged by the number of visits to my blog in its first few days, I stretched myself to manage a very enthusiastic ride on Saturday. 14km in 90 minutes. I even impressed myself!

On Sunday, a leisurely, late-summer stroll to visit my sister, turned into a delightful, but quite tiring ten-miler along the newly refurbished Chesterfield Canal. An absolute paradise for gentle pedallers and keen cyclists alike.

Impressed by the trail and keen to see as much of it as possible, we walked halfway to Chesterfield (famous for its crooked spire amongst other things)

Sadly, in doing so, I also had a subtle reality check. The kind souls that have followed my blog, will know that I began cycling to help my recovery from mental ill-health.

I do, however, also have a number of physical health conditions. I will spare the details, but they include insulin dependent diabetes and a fairly serious liver illness described quite severely by the specialist, as ‘life-shortening’. A worrying prospect.

Like most diabetics who rely on insulin, I am reasonably expert in calculating dosage etc and with excellent support from my local Specialist Diabetes Service, it rarely causes me problems. The liver illness also causes me little distress beyond being unable to drink alcohol or eat very fatty food. Unless, I overdo things.

The weary-looking, yellow coloured eyes in the bathroom mirror this morning, told me that I had done precisely that.

With the yellow eyes, comes tiredness. Not the usual run-of-the-mill tiredness after a weekend of exertion, but a wholesale evacuation on life-force on an epic scale. That’ll teach me (as they say locally).

I will recover, because I always do, but I will be using the next few days to plan a slightly less vigorous approach to how much ‘zooming around’ that I do.

The cycle path to recovery has done a lot for me recently.

For starters, I weigh much less than I did. That in itself, is never a bad thing and is endlessly beneficial to health in so many other ways.

I’m physically fitter. I’m changing shape. Slimmer waist, athletic looking legs, but most of all, I feel better. Cycling stops me from dwelling on the negative and sets me free.

As I wait for my body to find its level once again, I did wonder if feature writer Simon Usborne knew that he had, quite literally, set wheels in motion when he penned ‘The Cycle Path To Happiness‘ in The Independent back in December 2012?

A few hours later and i know the answer. I was delighted to receive an email from him, and more delighted to learn that he now follows my blog. Karma! One day, I might even get to ride with him. You never know.

In the meanwhile, less exertion. Until I’m pink at least…

You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough!


One thought on “You only live once…

  1. The last sentence had me stumbled. I realized yolo is not enough to remind myself I need to live a meaningful life but the following line is far more powerful. – If you do it right, once is enough! 🙂

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