Viva La Revolution!

Saturday 21 September

Weather:     Grey

Mood:          7/10


I was very happy to learn that my son’s shiny new (ish) bicycle has been very well received.

Better than that, it has performed a minor miracle.

In the past week, it has had to compete for attention with lots of things. The first week back at school after the long summer holidays is always a difficult transition. The simple task of having to wear a blazer and tie for eight hours is tough enough for most grown-ups, let alone the average thirteen year old, yet despite this, and with the addition of restarting your brain for your first week of lessons, lesson plans, timetables and homework, it appears to have won through.

Even the virtually insurmountable excitement surrounding the release of the latest version of GTA (Grand Theft Auto – I had to look it up) failed to dampen my son’s commitment to ride it, every day, after school. A promise to himself that he has kept.

Better still, he has persuaded his mum to accompany him. His mum, whose bicycle is nearly twenty years old, yet still has the nobbly bits on the tyres. The original tyres. A monster achievement by them both, and one that fills me with pride.

New-bicycle-syndrome aside (all new bicycles experience a short flurry of activity at first), I think that getting a well made bicycle adds something extra to the mix.

The Revolution XC (cross country) model from The Edinburgh Cycle Co-operative is certainly very well put together. For starters, it’s light. Much lighter than his previous bedstead of a bicycle, and it has good quality components. Do they really make a difference? I think they do. I think they make all the difference in the world, especially if you plan to cycle a lot. Gear changes happen with a slick ‘snick’ sound, nice and smooth. The brakes do exactly what they are supposed to. No, fuss. No drama. No squeaking. I know because I rode it eight miles home when I bought it, and I have to confess, for the briefest of moments, I considered keeping it for myself. A very nice ride indeed. I am, of course, glad that I didn’t, because my son is putting it to very good use and that makes me very happy.

Maybe one day I will be able to afford one for myself. It’s firmly on my wish list.

Viva La Revolution!


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